Nest Box Front-to-Back Distance

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    First post!! [​IMG]

    I'm just finishing up my coop in anticipation of coming home with some chickens next week, and I just noticed an error I might have made. My nest boxes are 15" side to side, but only 10" front to back. As I got to looking at them, I thought maybe they're not "deep" enough front to back. I'm going to attempt to post a pic below.

    I'm thinking about Reds and a few other dual-purpose brown egg layers.

    Thought I ought to ask and perhaps fix it before I put the rest of the siding on. Opinions?

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    I had a problem on what size to make my nesting boxes too, the general 12X12X12 worked for me. They will never notice a 10 side but let me know if it causes the to lay rectangular eggs. [​IMG]

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