nest boxes done but ???


11 Years
Jun 7, 2009
When should I let the ladies in? I have the boxes coverd for now. The ladies are plymouth rocks and RI reds. There 18 weeks old . Should I let them in the boxes now to get the feel of it? Or should i wait till they lay the first egg? Not sure so Im asking LOL thanks Scotty
By all means let them get used to them now! Add a few fake eggs or golf balls, so they will get the idea that the boxes is where the eggs go.

If they are 18 wks. now, it won't be to much longer and you should be getting some eggs.
yup, its check out the new apts...
and I bought golf balls at the local resale shop, got 6 for 1.91...and I placed them in the nest boxes...few wks later, EGGS!!!!
Your RIR's might start soon, I've heard they can lay from 18wks on up, so you might get an egg soon, so definetely open the nesting boxes up. And add the golf ball too.

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