Nest Boxes


5 Years
Jan 14, 2015
Pooler, Georgia
I have 2 BO and 2 RIRS that are 16wks Old. I had them in the house up until 5 days ago. I'm currently coop training them for another 2 days,as I read to coop train for 7 days, then I'll open the coop door to allow them in their run area. The nest boxes are closed off but I don't know at what point do I allow them access to the 2 nest boxes and what do I put in the nest boxes that will be easy to keep clean?


12 Years
Mar 15, 2010
On the MN prairie.
If your run is attached to the coop, I'd let them out now so they don't get too crowded in there. I use straw in my nest boxes, because that's what we have. My dad uses pine shavings in his. As far as when to open them, I can't give you an answer. I've always just had them available. When I start out with pullets that don't have older hens around to learn from, I have put golf balls in the nests.

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