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    I am such a nerd.

    Last weekend I asked my husband to set up a camera in the duck house so I can watch our duck and her eggs. They should be hatching around Thursday this week. It's been so much fun to see her turning them, and fluffing up the nest. We ran the cable into the house and plugged it into the computer, and the computer automatically keeps the past hour recorded, so I can rewind and watch the whole hour in a couple of minutes. If I could figure out how to stream it, I would.

    I am so hopeful for this hatch! We've had some rough luck with eggs 'round here, but this is so far better than the other attempts. I guess we've learned a lot. The questions that really remain are will they be able to hatch (they didn't last August, but the weather is much more favorable now) and will the hen will be OK once they start to hatch, since this is her first clutch. There are about a dozen eggs. I candled while DH was setting up the camera, and all but one looked good. There was one egg that didn't look the same, and was kinda swishy, so I don't think it's good. I wasn't sure enough, though, to take it out.

    So think good hatch thoughts for us!! [​IMG]

    (The one setting is the duck I helped out of the egg last August for any of you that might remember.)

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