nest making clue


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
Deep in the heart of Dixie
All 3 of my gals have started laying within the last 3 weeks and Im getting an egg a day from all now.
One thing that I noticed, that I don't remember reading about is nest making. A day or two before laying their first egg, they made a nest. i had nesting material and litter in the coop and nestboxes all along, and they shaped it into a sweet little round fluffy nest. One girl was even considerate enough to put the wooden dummy egg right slap in the middle of hers.. and the next day there were TWO eggs in that nest. Two girls are laying in the lovely little round nest in the nest box, and one girl is laying in the coop floor in her own nest that she fashioned. I just thought it was interesting that they made a nest in advance of the eggs arriving, and perhaps its a good clue to look for when waiting..and waiting.. and waiting for the big day to arrive.

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