Nest materials?

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Apr 28, 2009
What do chickens want in the nest box? I've got pine shavings in the coop (thinking of trying coir next) but I'm not sure what to put in the nest box. More shavings..or hay or straw or something more nestlike?
Shavings work, I like them better then hay or straw, with hay/straw they pushed it all to the sides and broke a lot of eggs on the bottom of the nest boxes.
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Mine push shavings around more than straw... but they are dryer. I'd line the bottom with straw, and then put shavings on top... best of both worlds!
Shredded paper, my ladies seem happy with that. Good way to dispose of confidential documents too, after all, no one is going to try and decipher shreddings after they've been in a hen house for a day or two!
An old scrap of carpet in the bottom will help with the broken egg problem.

Indoor/Outdoor would be ideal, and just cover it with hay

Lowe's sells an "anti-fatigue" mat that is rubber with large holes, and can easily be cut to fit nest boxes. I use pieces of that in my rabbit cages as resting pads

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