Nest placement and egg laying question.


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Would it work to put nests under the droppings board? I was thinking it would save on floor space, somewhat. Or would it be too noisy there, as they like it kinda quiet? I dunno, just wondering.

I was able to obtain a 9 foot long and 4 foot long "L" shaped countertop. I am going to use it as a droppings board under the roosts. I just thought maybe I could put the nests beneath that.
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I guess you are talking about putting the nests and droppings board under the roosts? They lay during the day and roost at night, so I am not sure where the noise issue comes from. As long as the overhang does not get in your way of collecting the eggs or working in the nests, I don't see any reason not to. It may be kinda messy and at face height when you bend over.

My nests are not under the rosots but they are on the wall perpendicular to the roost and within a couple of feet. Some of my chickens use the top of the nests as a midway point to get on and off the roosts. This does not show the roosts, but the launch point is the right edge of the nesting boxes.


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