nest re-training


11 Years
Dec 6, 2009
Williamstown, South Jersey
anyone know how to retrain chickens to lay their eggs in their own nest box? I proudly made and hung a nest box for the hens. They happily used it when laying began last year. Recently I made a new nest for my ducks on the floor with a convenient top opening. Nowthe chickens are laying their eggs in the duck nest and I can't get them back into the hanging box. It is 2 feet off the ground, covered half with a cloth for darkand comfort. Any suggestions? I guess it's not a real problem except that the ducks are sloppy and the chicken nests are clean. Thanks
Thanks, Daisygirl. I have tried wooden eggs in my duck nest in the past... a strange thing happened; I foune a 6foot black rat snake , lethargic in the yard. Seems as though he thought it was one of the eggs he regularly stole. There was a happy ending to the story but left me apprehensive about fake eggs. The chicken nest is higher. I will probably give it a second try and leave it until they get the idea.
I had the same problem. I bought some ceramic eggs from Cracker Barrel and placed them in the nesting boxes. I also had to block the corner on the floor where they had been laying. It took about a week and for the most part all are laying in the nesting boxes again.

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