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Tom NJ

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Jan 7, 2011
So, last week, when the hurricane came through, my mallards nest was underwater for about three hours. She stood over it the whole time, as the water was just enough to cover the eggs. She had been setting for about two weeks at this point. She is still setting now. My question is: did the eggs get destroyed by being in cold water for three hours?
Probably, but maybe not. There is air exchange through the shell. How long along were they? You could try candling them.

When my runner stopped setting after 10 hatched, I read somewhere to put the leftover eggs in warm still water and they would move if they were still viable. They did. Now these were ready to hatch eggs.

I'd give it a shot but I know I have read/seen somewhere that the eggs die if flooded.

Sorry. Stupid hurricanes.
Dave Holderread (waterfowl legend) got his start some 60-plus years ago by hatching a clutch of duck eggs he found in a pond at the park. His mother didn't believe they'd hatch. They did. And he's never stopped raising ducks since.

I say, give them a chance. I bet the mama knows what she's doing. Ducks are made to nest by the water. Water levels go up and down. If they can't survive a little flooding now and then, they wouldn't do real well.

Good luck!

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