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    Jul 15, 2009
    I've got 4 Barred Rock and 1 has just started to lay.[​IMG] Hopefully the others will start soon. I really like to let them free range in may back yard, but the other day I found an egg in the grass and don't want an egg hunt every day. Any suggestions? Should I build a nesting box outside the coop? Or what?
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    You have to train them to the nest by keeping them in the coop for about a week until they get used to your nest boxes. Even then, they will break training if they find a spot they like outside. Chickens like to find their own nests...not have one built for them. Free ranging is always about eliminating potential nesting spots and retraining to the inside nest boxes.

    I usually keep them in the coop until late afternoon and everyone has laid, when I retrain. They usually do pretty well for a couple of months after being retrained, then we do it all again! [​IMG]
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    Aug 4, 2009
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    I've been keeping mine in the coop until everyone has laid.

    Twice now though I have noticed a hen acting wierd, as I keep an eye on mine in the backyard when I let them out.

    Hazel hunted around for a nest, so I collected the hens and put them back inside her pen. At first she carried on and wanted to be back out in the yard, but then she settled into a nest box and laid an egg.

    Gladys was walking 3 steps then sitting down, then waddling another couple of steps... I carried her to the pen and she sat down on the ground, so I popped her in the coop and she sat in the corner... she is my phantom floor egg layer. I got her up and physically put her in a nest box and now she has it all sorted out and we haven't had any more floor eggs.
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    maybe let them out after they lay

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