Nesting Box Designs & Pictures


9 Years
Mar 9, 2010
Yelm, WA
I have been looking for good do-it-yourself plans for nesting boxes. What I'd like to put in my coop are 6 nesting boxes and 3 brooding boxes in a 3x3 format (3 wide, 3 high with the brooding boxes on the floor for easy access for the chicks). I'd like them to be accessible from outside the coop (any preference for inside mount vs. outside mount?), with fold up perches on the inside so the boxes can be blocked off. I've seen some neat pictures, but we're rookies at building anything and need all the help we can get! It all looks easy until you sit down and try to put plywood and 2x4s together. LOL! Also, how do you frame the wall to attach the boxes? Any help would be appreciated!
the city in my area changed the recycling bins to pails and left the bins, they make perfect nesting boxes when layed on there side with some hay or shredded newspaper.

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