Nesting box for ducks being used


8 Years
Jul 24, 2011
Vista, CA
Got a new box for the ducks to use and there is one in it....haven't had an egg in months but this hen is acting broody! She even attacked me when I went to check if she had an egg! have always thought of muscovy as the pit bulls when they go broody and she did not disappoint. I wonder why, though after no eggs?
Not a single egg. Raised these ducks for 15 years and I have never seen one go broody without a clutch, let alone no eggs. She is still sitting in there and I gave her some old orchard hay and she is going to town making a nice enough nest...but it sure is empty.
I have a silkie chicken that goes broody every two months or so. She is very protective of her invisible eggs.

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