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I am in the process of building a couple of Community Nesting Boxes for my 13 Laying Hens and I need to find out how far off the floor I should mount them. I already have the sloped roof and other features so that they don't try and use it as a roost but just need to know how far off the floor to mount them so the hens can climb into them with no problems.

Any help would be much appreciated.
A couple questions...

Are you using the deep litter method?

Are you going to have perches mounted on the front of the nest boxes that they can jump up onto?

Is space an issue in your coop?
I have a 9 foot long x 6 foot deep coop and I have Roosts and Dropping Boards along one wall for 8 feet and then I also have another roost and dropping board set along the width of the coop for 6 feet and the door on the opposite wall. So I really don't have but one wall to put the Nesting Boxes on.
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I'd say about 18 inches from the floor. That will keep too much litter from being kicked up into the nest boxes, but shouldn't be too hard for the chickens to hop up into.
Hi! I am new to this board. We are building our coop this weekend and are very excited!!!! It will be 12x8 and a yard of 40x50 for about 12 hens. The coop will be raised off the ground 2 feet with an expanded metal floor. My question is how many nesting boxes do you need for the hens?
The Standard is usually three to four hens per nesting box but I have seen where they actually have up to five using one nesting box.

I know they don't reccomend this many in one nesting box but I have seen it that way out on farms.

Hope this helps you.
Thanks for the info! I have two boxes that my dad built 30 some years and I think my granddaughter and I will buld the others. That shouldnot be too over the top. Just copy. Thank again!

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