Nesting Box Height with New Chicks...Do I Need To Worry??

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    May 22, 2010
    We used storage shelving from an old shed so there are lotsa boxes. Well my first broody hen [​IMG] laid her clutch of eggs on the highest level which is maybe 4 ft off the ground, she is a leghorn and i honestly didnt expect her to incubate them so i left her clutch alone. Low and behold they have hatched over the weekend, 3 chicks to my pleasant surprise!! [​IMG] Now there is a lip to hold them in and she is still sitting on a couple (i know its time to remove them trying to figure out how cuz she is nasty!) my concern is this: I know by about the 3rd day or so the hen takes her chicks venturing out to teach them to peck around for food. I am terrified that they will fall [​IMG] to their death![​IMG] So what to do?? I see people posting about the height and it doesnt sound like much of a problem. Should I just have dh build a ramp? If so won't the chicks roll down the thing?? I need some help FAST the first one hatched on Saturday so they will want to venture out i think. I have been advised by some to move them but eek she is mean! [​IMG] thanks in advance!!

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    I've seen hens get chicks to jump from a hay loft 10 feet high. The chick's wings help keep them upright so they land on their bottom. None were hurt. I'm not saying there are not risks, but I'd let Mama take care of it. If you try to move them, sounds like Mama would make things exciting anyway. I'd rather let Mama get them calmly down instead of things getting real exciting when you try to help. If you want, you can put something soft, like old rags or a towel, where you think the chicks might land. Probably not necessary but you would feel like you "helped".

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