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Oct 15, 2010
I built my nesting boxes only 6" off the floor of the coop. Is that too low? I have already finished the exterior and reframing to raise the boxes would be major work. What problems will I have with nesting boxes that low?

A lot of bending over and you may have a problem with egg eating since the chickens can always see the eggs. A good height is 2 feet high as measured from the bottom of the nest boxes.
The box is mounted in the exterior wall with top at about waist height, the roof open to remove the eggs.

Is it almost guarantee the chickens will eat the eggs?
My tractor nesting platform is just inches off the ground with a 4" lip and it works great. I did make the lid slant so the chickens would not roost on it, as the lid is about the same height as the roost. Two of the girls still like to lay eggs under the ramp/door, but all the others lay in one pile on the 48" nesting platform!
I haven't seen a chicken in the nesting boxes yet. They do poke their heads in and pull hay out. Is it normal for them to avoid the boxes until they are ready to start laying or should they be in there testing them out?
Alot of people put their nesting boxes on the floor or on the ground in the pen. If ur worrried about egg eating , just put a golf ball or plastic Easter egg in each nest. This will also show them where to lay their eggs. It is natural for them to toss the hay about and even throw it over themselves. It is instinct to hide when laying the eggs to keep predators from finding them

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