Nesting box idea!


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Mar 26, 2013
Outside St. Louis MO.
I have been brainstorming for nesting box ideas. While sitting in my living room the other night with the family, I looked over at our small two shelf bookcase and it hit me! I grabbed an older two shelf book case and turned it into a laying basket. I currently have 6 birds that are all laying, but will double the size of my flock to 12 soon.
I grabbed two "flats" from my stack of pallet parts and screwed them to the bottm edge of each shelf, put abotu 3" of pine shavings in each shelf and stapled some fabric over the front.
The first day that it was in there, none of the birds used it. Instead they got into my bag of pine shavings and laid all 6 eggs in that!. So I sealed the bag up. Today I found three eggs in it! Im hoping th eothers will figure it out tomorrow.
I know how peopl ealways want pics, so I will take some this morning when I get home from work and post them.
Here ya go! I caught Lucky in there as she was in the process of laying!
That's a great Idea, I just made a nest box out if a old cooler on top of 4 cement blocks on its side with the lid held open. I also put pine shaving in it. It's just a temporary quarantine pin I made to treat new rooster for worms. I will post pics.

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