Nesting Box Outside of Coop?


Jul 12, 2016
Hello. My chickens are contained at night in a 20' X 8' coop. We let them out in the moring to free range all day; they go back in the coop around 7:45 at night. They will start laying eggs before too long, and there are two nesting boxes inside the coop. Question is, should I build a couple more nesting boxes outside the coop somewhere in my backyard? Or will the hens not want to leave until they've laid an egg? Or try not to let them or the one out that hasn't laid an egg that morning? Thanks for you input.
I wouldn't encourage egg laying outside of the coop/run personally. Once they begin laying in the coop boxes, they'll likely continue to do so before they go out to range...
Thanks Owen. I'll try that first and see how it goes.

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