Nesting box question...

Dash Riprock

11 Years
Sep 27, 2008
Northeast GA
I am getting 6 1.5 yr old hens on Sunday. Coop is ready, but I am unsure of the number of nesting boxes I need to have in place. Any help would be appreciated.

2 nesting boxes will be plenty for 6 hens. I made mine 14 inches wide, tall, deep with a 45 degree sloped top so they can't roost on top of them.
How much fun you're going to have! Yes, I agree that two is plenty. Mine have lots and they all want the same three (I have over 40 layers). They literally climb in on top of each other and ignore all the empty nests.
Love your screen name! I know who Dash Riprock is. We also have an Elly Mae here!

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