Nesting box straight to fridge, good or bad idea?


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We usually take the eggs after they are laid and put them directly in the fridge, sometimes while they are still warm. Should we wait until they are room temperature? We have noticed that the shells are really tough to crack, is this because we refrigerate too soon or too much oyster shells? Any suggestions? Thanks!
My chicken lays about 7am in the morning and I'm usually out there by 730 to collect her egg. Usually it's cold by then, but sometimes it's still a bit warm. They go right into the fridge and I haven't noticed a difference, but we've only been getting eggs for 2 weeks...

I'd like to know this, too.

Cant answer your question because I dont refridgerate my eggs. They are stored on the counter top. However, my eggs are pretty solid also and I have given my girls any oyster shell in some time now. I just think it is the better quality food they get and the fact that they are healthier than store bought chicken eggs.
I don't think refrigeration has any impact on shell strength. We sometimes refrigerate eggs that are still warm and have noticed no difference.

If you are offering oystershell free choice (as opposed to mixing it up with the feed somehow), I don't think chickens can eat too much. Be glad your eggshells are strong!

If you are comparing them to store bought eggs, the hens who laid those eggs might be a little light on calcium in their diets, in which case they take calcium out of their own bones to form their eggshells.
I had to buy store eggs for the past 2 weeks because i have 48 freeloaders....

I went to crack the first egg and ended up smashing it on the counter because the shell was so fragile... so I guess I have great shells too!..

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