Nesting box with darkening curtains

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    I thought I would post a picture of what I did for my nesting boxes. My boxes aren't located in a very dark area so I added these curtains to darken them so the chickens would feel more secure using them. (Oh, pardon the poo. I didn't make my top sloped enough so they roost up there. [​IMG] )


    Notice that they don't go down all the way to the bottom of the box. Only 2/3rds down. Also notice the first two boxes where 2/3rds of the strips are folded up. This helps them get used to them and see in. After they start using them well, then you can put the strips back down. I keep a few up because only 5 of my girls are laying right now. 9 to go.

    Hope this is helpful to somebody.
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    Quote:Thats the best example of nesting boes I seen on this site. like the curtains since I dont think there will be many dark area in my coop most because of the 47" x 46" anderson window i picked up CHEAP
    As for the poop ah well chickens eat chicken poop must be why my wife keeps mentioning the poop on my shirt sleeves and shoulders...ROTFL
    thanks for the nice picture I'll be sure to give mine a better pitched topped.

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