Nesting boxes!! also, chicken math.

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    Oct 12, 2011

    I have 12 babies. My grandparents have lovingly allowed them to be in their home for the past 4 weeks. But the's starting to get to even me, and I think they're perfect. Lol!

    So I'm getting ready to move them out to the coop/shed.

    What remains is finishing the inside of the coop, aka installing nesting boxes. Even though my chickens won't be using them for a few more months, I want to install them now.

    What is a cheap way for nesting boxes? Mine are not going to be outside like some people have theirs, where you can open a little door and get out the eggs. Mine are going to be inside so I have to go in to get them every time.

    I only have about a 4ft space for boxes. Oh also my chickens are all standard cochins so they're going to be big.

    Also, chicken math!!

    I've learned that out of 12 chicks I potentially have 5 boys. 3 boys are definite, and there's 2 more that are maybes. This means I'm going to have to get more girls.

    My coop is 8 x 6 and the run is 22 x 20. How many more hens will I need to get to keep them happy and will I have enough room??
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    Cheapest way to build a nest box is to get a bucket and cut the lid and put it back on. Screw the bucket into the wall (secure it well). You're done!

    This is a picture of a nest box that was posted a few days ago, and it's a genius idea, I think! :)


    If you have 12 chicks and an 8X6 foot coop-- you are pretty much at your max. If you want more hens, you'll have to get rid of some of your birds (boys). It is recommended to have anywhere from 5-10 hens for ONE rooster.
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    You beat me to it Hawkeye - I was just about to suggest 5-gallon buckets!

    Another idea is the covered cat litter boxes. That was what I used for my first few hens and they loved it because it afforded them the privacy and security they like when laying.

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