nesting boxes, amt of eggs changes per day

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Jul 6, 2011
On the days that I'm home, I let my chickens out free range. They are getting more confident and exploring more and more areas. Those days, the number of eggs in the boxes are lower than the days that they are in the run and coop. Does that mean they are laying in the yard? We did find one in front of the coop, like the chicken had an accident and didn't make it javascript:insert_text('
',%20''); , the egg was fine. I just want them to know where to lay their eggs. They are so beautiful. Our highest count so far is 9 eggs in one day. Is it normal for different breeds to do the chicken dance together? I was surprised by that.
Sounds like you have an egg hunt on your hands! Good luck! We have a 12 X 20 ft. run for them to hang out. We have far too many predators (both land and air) where we live to let them free range.
You were so right. We found 7 eggs today under/in the arborvitae tree. That's where the eggs have been. Makes me wonder where else they are.

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