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    I have made a 6 hole nesting box and have placed it in the coop as my chicks are going on 5 months. One problem, they are roosting on the top of it and pooping all over the top and down the front, They have a roosting area that I made and there is room for all of them there. What do I do to not allow them to roost on the boxes. FYI-the nesting boxes are cat litter containers so they are roosting on top of the containers.
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    Problem what I did:



    I hated the thought of them roosting and pooping on top of the nesting boxes so I just removed the Rubbermaid lids that came with my tubs, bought some 1/4" birch ply (very light), 2 hinges....DONE! Put it at a good angle and they can't stay up there! You can apply this method to any nesting boxes you've built.

    To not allow them to roost in the nesting boxes? Just block 'em off with a piece of cardboard, plywood, whatever...problem solved!

    Good luck!! [​IMG]
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    You are lucky you already have half of your problem beat they are not sleeping in the nest boxes and soiling them.
    What I did was install poop boards over top of my nest boxes (nest boxes are just plastic milk crates) problem solved.
    Here is a quick peek at my set up:
    Poop boards should be located higher than your nest boxes an preferably the highest spot for roosting through the night.
    I have my 2x4 roost 3½ inches from my poop board.

    I find the spacing ideal it saves the day when eggs are laid through the night while they are roosting.

    I have my roost in cups and can just put them to one side when cleaning the board.

    In my nest boxes I fold a feed bag to fit (nest boxes are 1 ft³). When a bag gets soiled; fold a new one; pop out the soiled; pop in the new.

    Easy peasy!.

    Chicken coop is salvaged 4x8 metal shed.



    My roost over my poop boards is very similar to this photo (except my roost are resting on the lower 2x4).
    I recently friction fit a piece of vinyl flooring over my poop makes clean up even easier; Pop out; Scrap; Hose; Pop in.

    Winter months even easier flex over compost bin DONE!

    Easy peasy!.

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