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Hey all,
I was at our local Sam's Club and they had these great boxes that were used for big bags of peanuts. It is about 13 inches deep and 13 inches tall. It is divided in the middle and about 24ish inches wide. The front has about a 4 inch lip. I am using it for two next boxes that just fit perfectly into our Chick N Hutches. I was able to find another box of similar size so now we have 4 nests for the girls to lay their eggs. They seem to love them. I use pine shavings in each and replenish it as needed, and have "fake" eggs in place for each nest (the kind that Michaels craft store sells at Easter). They are easy to maintain and we are going to be able to recycle them into our compost when they get too worn out. Gotta love creative thinking and looking "outide the box" for nest box ideas.

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You can also go to your locale grocery store and ask if they have any crates you can have. (Like what ears of corn comes in.) I got 4 of them at Walmart from the produce guy. They are about 18 inches long, 12 inches tall and 12 inches deep. They are made with strips of thin wood and wired together. I just took the top off and cut the top piece of wood and wire off the front side and it works fine for some of my chickens.

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I use plastic milk crates that you can easily pick up at your dump. They are hooked to the wall so they are easy to remove for cleaning. Just spray and let dry in the sun. Mites will never make a home in these because they prefer wood. AND the price is right.


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I need to attach my milk crate nest boxes in the new coop. Do you have pictures of how yours are attached? A picture will help me more than a description. Thanks!

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