Nesting Boxes Too Small?


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
I'm patiently waiting for my 5 chickies to lay their first eggs. In the meantime, I ordered (and received) 2 wooden nesting boxes from Amazon. They are suppose to be for regular size chickens. I hung them 18" up off the ground and carefully placed some wood shavings in the boxes. I sit back in my lawnchair (yes, I'm obsessed) and look at the boxes and they seem a little small. I see "homemade" boxes here at this website and they seem a lot taller than mine are. I think my boxes measure about 12" X 12". The chickens are going to have a hard time standing up in them, although they don't stand up when they lay their eggs, do they? I hope they'll be okay, what do you all think?
I too bought premade boxes. For my Buff Orpingtons and Golden Sex Links. They laid one egg in it. Then I put a cardboard box next to it so that they would have another option if they found them too small (12" square).

They ONLY lay in the cardboard box now. Bigger and roomier.
I have BO and Red star. Good size chickens, and my nests are about the size you asked about. I like it cause then two hens do not get into the same box to lay in. Which was good when I had a broody hen setting on eggs. No one else laid in her nest. I originally had 4 nests, but they really prefer one or two, and they will all lay their eggs, taking turns.

I think the nests will work just fine. mk
That's a good point, Mrs. K, thanks! I feel better seeing that some of you have the same size nesting boxes and the seem to work! Great, now if the chickens will just get in those boxes and lay me some eggs!

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