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Jul 22, 2016
Saint James Missouri
Hello, I have about 10 hens that are going on 4 months old. I do not see them using their nesting boxes that much. Is this normal??? And when and how do I get them to start using the boxes???
Are they laying? If so you could add fake eggs, like ceramic or plastic eggs in the nest to teach them to lay in the boxes. Golf ball work too! :D
If they just started than it should be normal if they don't lay in the same place every time also you should try the fake egg thing, also chickens like to lay in very dark and warm places, also you could add some lavander in there nests I heard that very calming to them
If they aren't laying yet, why do you want them in the nesting boxes? My hens didn't go into the box till a day or two to prep before the first egg.
I would say that your hens are very smart because they know that until they begin to lay that they have little or no use for a nest box.

Nest boxes are mostly for the chicken's keeper's benefit anyway as opposed to the hens' benefit.

Free range chickens will pick a spot to lay in that is as far away from prying eyes and is as safe from egg napping hands as the hen can find.

This means that you'll be forever more playing hide-and-seek every time that you gather eggs.

The true purpose of nest boxes is to cut down on the number of potential spots that your hens will chose to lay in simplifying the collection of eggs..
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