Nesting boxes


Sep 18, 2018
Joliet Il. Will County
My four Buffs are about 18 wks, about what age should I introduce a nesting box. Since there are only four and is one box ok. They don’t have a large coop, they are truly backyard chickens. I won’t be useing artificial light.
I would have at least two. I have four hens and three boxes prevents hold up if someone wants a box. You could start now to introduce nesting boxes or wait till about 20-24 weeks as Buff Orpingtons may not mature till then assuming that is the breed you meant. Can block at night and open during the day to train to sleep in roosts and not boxes so boxes are not so poopy. Keep in mind they are maturing during winter period and could possibly not lay till spring.
When their combs and wattles swell and get red and they squat when you put your hand over them. I would have two nest boxes. My 5 Golden Comets would all lay before 9 am and I witnessed a hen waiting for a nest or there were two in a nest. I had two nests boxes. 20170730_061526.jpg . My new coop has 3 nest boxes for seven Barred Rocks. Not laying yet. I can open another if needed, but don't believe I will need to. 20181023_173329.jpg . I use two of the five for supplies and feed/treats. GC

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