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    I'm new and my husband just finished our coop and run. we have 12 chicks from 3 to 4 weeks old. Our coop is 4x8 with a root and 7 nesting boxes. I plan on DLM the bottom of the coop but I have know idea what I need to do in the nesting boxes, Help please. also is a 4x8 a good size coop for 12 birds, our run is about 240 sq ft.
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    Your coop should be fine for 12 with that size run. 2-4 square feet are considered the requirements per bird. More with no/small run. There are lots of materials for the boxes. They have pads but I think most people use shavings or straw. Pine shavings - cedar fumes aren't good for them. Hopefully an expert will come along and add to this!
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    I use deep litter method for the coop floor, hay in my nest boxes. Some folks prefer the pine shavings in the nest boxes too, but my girls kicked the shavings out too much. I enjoy seeing the nests they form out of the hay.
    Be sure your nest boxes are lower than your roosts to discourage them from sleeping in the nest boxes.
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    Quote:32 sq ft is a tad small for a dozen full grown birds, if theyre heavies.
    But with all that run, it may be just fine.

    As I said in your other post, reduce the number of nesting boxes to 3 or 4. Like preppy said, keep them full of about 3" of straw, fine dry leaves, pine shavings, etc. I use pine straw because that is what we have here.

    Place a 4" high board across the front of the nests to keep this litter in. Place a curtain over their front, to hang down to about 1 inch above this front board. Split the curtain vertically in half.
    There should be a landing roost 3" in front of them, for the birds to light on. Then they can poke their heads in, look around and go in to settle down to business. It's a little routine they have.

    For most common breeds, your nests should be between 18 and 24" from the floor.

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