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8 Years
Apr 6, 2011
So we are just finishing out 8x16ft. coop! Oh its beautiful, I will post pics when were finished. Anyways, time to build the nesting boxes. I split my coop in four ways. Two standard areas, one walk-in way, and a bantam area. What size is need for just bantams, what size is good for hens? Thank you, StandardLover.
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What is the smallest you can go? I have eleven girls in one section to build boxes for.
I have 7 nest boxes-6 inside the coop and 1 outside. Usually all the bixes have eggs, and a favorite box may have 2 crammed in. This evening I pickked up all the eggs from 2 nest boxes. 3 eggs in the outside box and 15 in 1 inside nest box. Rules are made to be broken. 4-5 hens per box --who ever decided this was the appropriate ratio didn't talk to my hens! LOL
My nesting boxes are 8x12 but recently, one of my birds found my bag of pine chips we use for their bedding by the back door and has now been laying her eggs in there...pretty funny. She likes to be closer to our house thank to hers I guess.

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