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  1. daddy_roo

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    Sep 6, 2011
    Now I know that Chickens like privacy as they lay an egg. I also know that they prefer their box to be up off the ground some. But is there a certain type or design of box that they prefer over others? Or is this just a guess and check game?
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    Jun 24, 2011
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    Quote:I've only had chickens a short while and only one layer, a white Leghorn. She has 3 nest boxes to consider - she walks in and out of all three. Then she has laid in only two of them. I think it's going to be the chicken's choice. LOL! I see where some chicks will only lay on certain types of stuff too. My pullet laid on straw - but won't lay on the pine shavings. She keeps choosing the straw. So you'll probably just have to experiment to see what is their preference.
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    Dec 5, 2011
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    This is my 1st year but my 9 girls were not picky. we got 3 nesting boxes at the store and placed it in our nesting box area. the funny thing is they all use only one box and ignore the other 2. If I move the popular box they go to it. as far as straw in the box some days they love it some days they toss it out.
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    soooo interesting.

    Someone somewhere referred to chickens as 'cavity nesters'. So in the wild (which isn't where my chickens live ;O] ), a chicken would find a suitable cavity... a nest resembling that shoud be attractive.
    They want it to seem "safe" too,

    Don't forget the trick of putting golf balls or fake eggs in too, that way they think some other chicken already decided on a good place to lay so they will copy that chicken.
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  5. kareninthesun

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    Jul 1, 2011
    I have eight boxes, one is used by all. since they are still new at this, they wont share. so whomever is on the nest, the rest will jockey in the closer nest and wait to use their fav. think it is because it is in the corner farthest from the ramp entrance.
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    Dec 4, 2011
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    My nest boxes aren't enclosed or off the ground and my hens ALWAYS lay in their two boxes. This design was just easier for me to get at the eggs. It doesn't really matter how many hens you have, they all seem to have a "favorite" box that most will lay in. This is what my nest boxes look like and I have had very good success with them!


    Made out of 1/2 inch plywood and filled with straw. 14in x 16in and 12in high in the back and 7 inches high in the front.


    As you can tell, three of the four layed in one box. The 4th egg I found in the other nest box about an hour later after I had taken these eggs out.
  7. JodyJo

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    Sep 27, 2010
    here is my set up, although I did add a cloth curtain that is tacked on the top of the boxes, so they have privacy...amazing how that works!
    I think next year when it warms up...I will move them down a bit closer to the floor...I feel they are a bit too high.
  8. goldies99

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    Jul 22, 2011
    these are my next boxes....eggs every morning!!!
  9. jpsbcfc

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    Nov 7, 2011
    west midlands, uk
    i use an old bucket at an angle, its not off the ground.

    in fact there are 2 but one is slightly smaller and they only use the bigger one.

    6 hens, only ever lay in the one nest box
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    Jul 16, 2011

    Um... how did that egg taste?

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