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    Sep 11, 2012
    howdy all ,,,i'm in windham maine and new to this ,, i was just wondering if anyone had some advice ,,, i rescued 8 chickens this summer that had been abandoned ,,they are average in size,,, two are white and i think they are meat chickens ,, three are yellowish tan /buff colored ,,,and three are a dark red/brown color... i turned my kids bus stop into there coop ,,mounted it on ski's and installed a screened floor (for poop to fall through) a roosting two / four and a five stall nesting box right at floor level ,,, i kinda mimiced what i was seeing on the web .. so far they seem to be doing great ranging and returning to roost at night ,but so far they are ignoring the nest boxes .. they are pretty cozy with shavings for comfort and a fake egg for inspiration ..but still no eggs ,, HELP ME!!!LOL ... i was also hoping someone here could help me with getting some hens that will lay like ,,bantem americunas or anything to start getting some eggs ...i'll take all the advice and help you folks can muster --lol-- p.s. this wbsite is cool!!!!!
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    [​IMG] Glad you joined us! Guessing you have Buff Orpingtons and Production Reds? They are hens?? just checking lol. 5-6 months old before you see eggs. You might want to post a Wanted ad in buy/sell/trade forum . Congrats on your new little fock!

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