Nesting / Brooding boxes?

Full size (large fowl) brahmas? Mine love their covered kitty litter pans that are bolted to two 2 x 4s that run the length of one side of the coop. A bit pricey to start with (about $10 each at the dollar store) but very easy to clean and I've been using the same ones since 2008.
This size works well for LF brahmas (dollars stores tend to be a few dollars cheaper than Walmart):

Keep in mind that a brahma is not considered full grown until two years old. Most of my older girls weigh in the 9 lbs. range. They like the privacy a covered box gives them and the large size of these pans give them plenty of room to move around without eggs getting smashed. Oh, and I also remove the plastic flap/door.
Cool I'm in that ball park (size) I'm am doing all of this, coop, boxes and run from used lumber. I've only spent money on birds and feed do for.

I tried to find a pic of the way mine are set up, but it must have been on my old computer (that crashed).

Basically we ran two 2X4s about 3" apart along one wall of the coop, front of the coop to back. Got four of the big boxes and bolted the bottoms to the boards, one bolt for each board. For routine cleanings I simply unsnap the lid, scoop out the hay, wipe the plastic down and replace with fresh hay.

Something to keep in mind with LF brahmas, pretty important: Do not make anything - nestboxes/roosts - too high off the ground for them, I recommend no more than 28" off the ground. Brahmas get so heavy that they can injure legs jumping down. I have a very old hen that injured herself in just that way when she was young. Poor girl has arthritis in that leg now.

Enjoy your brahmas! They are my absolute all-time favorite breed.

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