Nesting? This young, and in the fall?

Goose and Fig

Grateful Geese
10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Fall Creek Falls TN
My toulouse are just 5 months old. I have seen them trying to mate in their pool, but something else caught my attention today. One of the girls was sorting sticks and leaves into piles. Putting the leaves on one side fo her feet and sticks on the other. She even found a straw from a drink and added it to the stick pile. But then the others came over and started chatting and they all wandered off. What WAS that? It was really cute
She was probably making a nest, my goose lays her eggs about this time of year, in fact, she has a nest of eggs right now! It is possible for geese to lay in the fall!
She's only 5 months old though. I thought they didn't lay until they were about a year? It was really neat to catch her in the act- even if she was just practicing

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