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We are building a new (larger! chicken math!!) coop and run. Our old run was 100 sq. ft. and covered with welded wire. Our new one will be closer to 800 sq. ft. We were plannign to cover it with welded wire as well, but in the last couple days I've been reading about some type of netting people use over their runs. What kind of netting is this? How secure is it? We lost my son's favorite hen to a hawk last winter so we definitely need a secure run, but netting would be so much easier to get up and stay up.

Thanks for any info!
I have plastic netting over our run. It's very strong, easy and light to put up and pretty cheap at lowes. I have been told that the sun will cause it to weaken after a couple years. We had a freak very wet heavy snow that came down hard with big snow flakes this past winter 8" with in a couple hours. This snow stayed on top of the my sagging netting but the run had no snow on the ground. After I knocked the snow off from bottom side the netting was good as new. My chickens wheren't happy cause now they had 8" of snow in their pen. lol

I just plan on replacing it every couple years.

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