Jul 1, 2020
Northeast Missouri


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Oct 10, 2021
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Alot of times it's hard for me to relate to other members on here. I live in a very remote part of Tennessee. I have black bear, coyote, coon, possum, hawk, owl, stray dogs. I haven't had the problems that even subdivision people have. My coop is open 24/7 and I free range the chickens in the woods? They don't have a run. Everyone's first time back to my place thinks I bought the film location of Deliverance. It really is a great place to find rattlesnakes, chiggers, and moonshine.

So it's hard for me living where I do, to imagine the problems yall got with predators. I have an Anatolian shepherd running loose, scare crow near the coop, and 12 Gauge if needed.

I would start with eagle decoys, scarecrows, or even invite a professional falconer to catch the hawk population.. your local wildlife officer would know how to get in touch with them.

In the long run, chickens are cheap
Sounds like a great place to live! I live in a rural area but wish we even more secluded!


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I have an Anatolian shepherd running loose
That would be a good part of your predator deterrence.

I live somewhat rural though I can see other houses. Foxes and coons come out of the woods. Prior to a good fence the foxes, swift and sly as they are, killed several of my hens in broad daylight, close to the barns. Loose dogs haven't killed any but they have terrorized them a couple of times. Haven't had a problem with coyotes but that may be because, at least so far, they don't come out until after dark and by then the girls are locked up in their coop in the barn.

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