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Aug 8, 2007
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Yesterday while feeding everyone I watched one of my Opal chicks have a sort of seizure... but it recovered and seems relatively fine today. It is approximately 4 months old. Any idea on what this is?? I have never seen it in my peafowl before... but have seen it in the silkies.

Hm. The only time I ever saw a seizure happen was if a chicken got kicked in the head by another bird.. apparently being hit in a spot makes them flop around and eventually wake up. Only could offer maybe he/she accidentally got bopped on the head by mistake during the excitement?

How does it happen in silkies? I have them too.. never saw them have a seizure.. do they just seize out of the blue(hah, peafowl pun!) or..?
LOL that is sort of what I'm figuring happened... one of the other chicks must have pecked him on the head... but there are no big birds in that pen.... he is one of the older chicks.

Silkies get crooked neck syndrome. Because of their vaulted heads, and their skull does not cover the vaulted part of their lil heads.... they are subject to brain injury very easily. ALSO they say it (crooked neck) is caused by a vitamin D deficiency....there is some great information on it here....
scroll down to "crooked neck"

I think I will add vitamin D to this peachicks food and hope this seizuring doesn't show up again. Im wondering... do antibiotics steal vitamin D from their bodies?? this pen has been on a lot of antibiotics because of sinus issues.

Thank you Kev.

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