Never Buying Chicks From (our) TSC Again! (Help Identifying this breed, please!)


Chickens.....are my ONE weakness!
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Mar 5, 2008
Southern New Mexico
This year I bought a bunch of chicks at our small town TSC. They had misidentified all but the Red sex links! lol

I bought a couple dozen cornish rock meat birds.....they gave me 18 big, doofy meat birds and the rest were quite small, comparatively. They assured me they were just the latest arrivals and would soon catch up.........they turned out to be Splash Andalusians. Quite beautiful, but not too good for eating. lol

Then I asked for what I thought were Blue Andalusians (yes, I am happy that the mistaken CR's were at least some sort of Andalusian!) and got this mystery breed that I have not been able to identify.

Can anyone help me out? Here are some photos from when they were younger:

Here is one about a month or so older with two little serama's:

And the Rooster of the bunch:
Glad I am not the only one that will never buy from there again! Thankfully I only purchased the minimum # of 6 a month ago and I am still waiting to see what my now unknowns are!
Oh well, I had planned to plop the ones I didn't want to keep into the freezer a bit later. I currently have 25 chicks and I just ordered 5 Brown Cornish, 5 Buckeyes, and 5 Salmon Faverolles from Cackle. Since then, I have read that theirs come in faulty and sometimes undesirable. I also bought from a breeder near us and I think his are the worst of all as to the identification. Some of his are pretty the Speckled Sussex and the Silver Sebrights.
When I bought from TSC and the Purina Supply Co. I did ask to pick them myself so at least the chicks I got are nice.
One from the breeder fell ill and I lost 6 birds before I got the problem fixed.
I have one more purchase to make. My heart is set on Swedish Flower Hens. I have found 2 people that raise them close enough that I could make a detour on my way back from western MD next week, but one person wants to sell his as a flock and not divide it up and the other has just eggs. I am almost afraid to buy them now and I am not sure I can hatch eggs!!!
I don't want show birds! Just pretty egglayers or meat and maybe just a few "pretty" chickens for pleasure on our new minifarm.
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