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    some coldhearted person would get a city ordinance passed called: "Objectionable Animals" because he doesn't want chickens in city limits. Especially when we are so far North and we all hunt and fish, we have very high prices because 3/4's of the year everything has to be flown in! Eggs are flown in so are never fresh! I can't believe he says chickens are filthy and stink! Its how a person takes care of them and their living quarters or doesn't often enough! I had the ACO come out a year ago and she said everything was fine. Now, some unhappy person without any love in his life for chickens is a threat to my birds and my happiness:( I haven't heard from the ACO this year at all, so far. I guess I should expect to after someone sent me an email on our local announce forum stating "I'm sure you'll agree and ..." - I will NOT give up certain birds, I planned to butcher to decrease the amount of birds I will keep over winter so I can take very good care of them but NEVER will I give up all of them! My flocks are on my son's property, which is one house away from "out in the country!" [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I guess I watched to much northern exposure. I thought Alaskans would try to help a neighbor survive in such harsh conditions,rather than hinder them. I guess people are the same no matter where U go. I don't believe in laying on my back while people walk on me. Don't make a stand alone. Unite the people around you, and fight it with numbers.
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    If one person got an ordinance passed, one person can get it unpassed. Or another in its place. Since you had your chickens before the ordinance was enacted, chances are it will not affect you. You should be able to find some sensible municipal codes on thsi site. See if you can get one of those enacted.

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