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    Sep 14, 2008
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    I have no place in my bators for these eggs, and I don't have any orders to fill till next month! So I will offer what I have right now for sale. I have 23 eggs that can go out tomorrow morning. The parent birds are cinnamon (h), cinnamon blueface (h&c), blueface (c), silver (h&c), ivory (h&c), redbreasted (h&c), and wild (c), all in the same pen. I can offer these for $15 including shipping.

    These can go out tomorrow morning!! I don't expect them to lay any that early, so the order is for 23 eggs. [​IMG] Thanks for looking!

    Post sold and pm me for paypal info!

    ETA: I actually did find another egg, so there will be 24 eggs.
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