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    chickensducks&agoose :

    she was bit by a fox, and then adopted 4 of our chicks... they sleep with her at night, one sleeps on her back! So I couldn't butcher her, she earned her ability to try to live... but.... she's HUGE. I limit her feed, I put most of the feed up high where she can't reach it. I'd bet she weighs at least 15 pounds right now though. and she's dense, like a big feathery brick. yesterday, she started walking a little funny, like one of her legs hurts a bit. not a lot, she still is very active, and goes down stairs, and hops up to the top of a 2 1/2 foot tall box to sleep, but I'm worried. How long will a jumbo cornish X make it?

    Mine made it for 8 weeks:) sorry couldnt help it--but Ive seen people on here with 18-20 month olds at 20 lbs-very restricted diets though so as not to cause leg and joint and heart issues-Katy has great photos of hers-HUGE BIRDS!!!​
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    I kept a few of my girls alive for almost a year, but it gets really hot here and and they didn't make it through the summer. I almost had to starve them to keep them alive and walking.

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