New - 1 of each breed?


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Apr 18, 2014

I am just learning about raising chickens and would like a couple for egg layers. I was thinking of purchasing some juvenile chicks and getting 4-5, all of different breeds (buff orpington, black australorp, easter egger, silver laced wyandotte, and a red star (not sure about the red star). Is this ok to do? They would all be around the same age. Thanks!
We are also new to chickens - brought home our three girls yesterday! The one tip I heard about combining different breeds is to look for similar dominance levels. We have an Ameracauana, Silver-laced Wyandotte and a Black Australorp.

The Australorp has already stolen our hearts, btw. She will snuggle down into my daughter's hand and just hang out. Plus she's the cutest ball of fluff I've ever seen. Have fun!

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