New 3 1/2wk old EEs, Quartine, how long?


10 Years
Jul 5, 2009
Manvel Texas
I have a Main flock, mutts...I have a Roo flock of Porc D'uccles, and I have a new flock of 1mo old Buffs...

I just bought today 4 EE's that are 3 1/2wks old...when can I mix them in with my others? far as quartine? They look very healthy, vents clean, under wings clean...BUT I WANT TO MAKE SURE BEFORE I DO MIX THEM IN...

I also have some in a Brooder that are 2wks old...


BTW: BACK YARD FLOCK BY MIKE always like 25-28.00 its on sale!!!! Very good book to have for 17.99 at Randle Burkleys
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