New Additions & Isolation


8 Years
Apr 19, 2011
A friend gave me six chickens. She has a closed flock. When I told her last week that I'd take six, she put them in a "quarantine" pen away from her flock. Actually, I told her I'd take two but chicken math happened.

Seven days later...

I picked them up tonight. I went after dark so they would be calm. Also, I wanted to check for bugs. No creepy crawlers and they look like they are very healthy birds. So tonight, they are in with my eight, but not where they can touch each other. They are in wire dog crates but in the coop. I sprinkled Sevin under their crate just in case, gave them pine shavings and off to sleep they went.

New birds are probably 10-12 weeks old. I think mine are about 6-8 weeks.

What is the best way to let them meet?

Ideas I've come up with:

1. Introduce them one at a time.
2. Let all six newbies in but thought this might be overwhelming.
3. Create mass confusion by taking out several of mine and switching them up with adding the new ones and eventually combining them all.

Any suggestions?
This morning I checked the new chickens for bugs again. They all look great.

I put them in one at a time. My little bantam rooster (Golden Sebright) tried to ride the backs of all the new girls. He was not particularly friendly about it either. He is 6 weeks, I think so maybe it is his age? I can't have roosters so he's not going to be a big issue but right now I've got him in a pen away from the ladies.

Also, I added them in one at a time and all went well except for one. She might be a Buff Orpington. Anyway, she is particularly nasty. She chases my BR ladies and they are sweet hearts.

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