New and have a chicken with a beak that looks like its peeling

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    Is it normal for a chickens 18 mo old pullets beak to look like its peeling? Am I worried about nothing? I want my girls to be healthy and well cared for. She is an Isa Brown. I also noticed that My White leghorns comb is a tad pale in some areas today. Is this frost bite? They were well sheltered but it did get dwon below 20F last night. Any reply would be helpful and ease my mind. Thank You.

    After doing some other research I have checked so far the WL does not have a bulge or bad breath. So I am now on to checking for bugs or possibly worms in poo. I am not sure about the beak issue though on the Isa Brown.

    I have checked for days and no parisites in poo. I am seeing no bugs but have done a natural spray on them just in case my eyes missed something. Wen all through the coop and sprayed that as well. With winter coming I am thinking an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold. I have carefully been oiling the beak. Not any real improvement being noticed.

    I am now out of guesses.
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    Beaks are always growing, just like fingernails. So yes, they can look peely. :) No need to oil it. Peely is normal.

    Frost bite will start with just the very tips of the comb turning white. As the frost bite gets worse, the white area may increase and eventually turn black. Paleness of comb is not frost bite. Make sure to have adequate ventilation in your coop. Have them roost low to the floor and venting on either side of your ceiling or eaves, one vent higher than the others. 1 square foot of venting total per bird in the eaves. You do not want to ever completely close off your venting. All the warm moist air from the pooping and the breathing needs to go somewhere and if it has no place to go, it will fall back down as water or frost. So keep those vents open no matter how cold it is!

    If they have worms, you might see a lot of diarrhea, lethargy, pale combs, become very thin. The worms eat all the birds food and starve them out. At 18 months of age, they may start molting soon. This will cause the combs to go pale, they can have diarrhea during a molt and look tired.

    If you do a lot of free ranging, it never hurts to worm your birds once a year. You can take a poop sample into your vet to see just what you are dealing with. Some people worm on a routine schedule reguardless. Round worms are everywhere and they are quite damaging to poultry. Lots of people worm during a molt since there is an egg withdrawal and generally they are not laying during a molt.
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