New and needing help


Aug 5, 2016
Hi I'm pretty new here I enjoy reading post just have never joined. But now I'm having major problems and need some help. We are currently in the process of hatching but but we keep having chicks that will partially hatch then die in the shell. It has happened on our last 2 batches now once so far one this one. It makes my wife and I want to help but I don't like doing that because I don't want to make it worse. It's throwing me of because some will have trouble right after they pip and some will be 3/4 unzipped when they die.


In the Brooder
Jul 13, 2016
It might be a humidity issue. The membrane is too tough so they tire out before and die. Though I do asist. I had 10 out of 12 hatch last time and I had to help two out. My early birds. The humidity wasn't high enough when they decided to hatch.

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