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    I like our roo (DH's roo actually). I don't love him, but I like him. He's a pretty little mille fluer d'uccle among beautiful, big, LF girls. He doesn't harrass them too much (probably because of his size), is a wonderful lookout - very protective, and occasionally calls them over for treats (after he's eaten his But he's not the romeo rooster some BYC folks are lucky enough to have. Yeah...I see the matador wing drop/drag on occasion, but I've never seen him prepare or call them to the nest. And like I said, he's the first one to jump on the cracked corn when I toss some out, rather than offering it to the girls first.
    But this morning he really impressed me. I put my 3 week chicks out in their little banty coop two nights ago. Today is gorgeous and sunny, and we're supposed to hit 73 today. So I opened up the pop door to their run to lure them out. Earl (the roo) made a beeline across the yard to the banty coop when he heard all of the peeping. He walked all the way around the coop/run, giving them a curious look. Then he just stood there right outside the wire and began pecking about on the ground (on the landscape fabric actually) at nothing. It was like he was trying to show them how to peck about for food. That's the only thing I could make of it. Then he went halfway around again, and began making strange little noises and pecking some more. It was a different noise than the one he does for the girls sometimes, but similar.
    Anyhow, I'm hoping it was a fatherly move (although these are mail order and TSC chicks), and not a pervie It looked sweet at the time. [​IMG]

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    [​IMG] I love it when roos show their sweet side once in a while
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    Mar 17, 2011
    Awesome story.
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    Thanks for that lovely story of a sweet roo. It is so nice to hear them. What a sweetie pie. [​IMG]

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