New arrivals, with pictures :)


5 Years
Aug 20, 2014
North Florida
Here they are, and more on the way!

If everything goes well the total will be 16 :) I already changed the watering device in pic #2 since they could get in.
Rouens. I almost wish I had more than one breed. I was getting Mallards and then discovered this breed which I thought would make better pets. I love them
Its been over 10 years since I've had ducks or chickens, and I think the most was 6 at once. I'm so excited.

I made a deal with an elementary school teach, I would bring them in to hatch in class if she had a home ec teacher have the class make duck diapers lol. I ran into them accidentally on youtube, they seem great especially once they're a bit older. They came early so I hope I can still get the deal in exchange for a show n tell :)

Right now I'm just trying to keep distance, I don't want them super imprinting on me.. Funny how much of the important egg/duckling info is "easier said than done." Wait, don't help, leave them alone, no swimming yet, no outside. I'm going to find an excuse to leave the house. So far I'm probably at 20mins total time with them, spread out since last night. I did do a good just going to sleep after 1st hatch, not that easy.

Fourth is here :) I'll wait a bit before taking more pictures.

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