New at having a Turkey Not sure what is going on


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Aug 10, 2013
hello all,
I have a Turkey is about 5 months old. She had a sibling but that sibling died about 3 months ago because she ended up with slipped tendon. Well she is a happy turkey usually running, playing fetch with the dog. Runs around the yard with the dog and my daughter. Sits on the chair with us. Just is happy. Well 2 weeks ago my hubby was outside and noticed that she was just laying there. She did not want to move she actually let the chickens peck on her. Then she got up acting like her normal self. Well she was fine for a few weeks then she did it all over again. Last week and again tonight. I am not sure what to make of this. My husband went to feed the birds and she got up ran up to him then dropped and layed back down. She keeps squishing her butt like she is trying to lay and egg or go to the bathroom but cant. The only thing that has changed in her diet is she gets spoiled from time to time with cat food. I have looked on the internet for a couple of hours and can not find anything. Can anybody give me some direction on what I should do or what maybe going on? I am not sure how a turkey acts when they are trying to lay and eggs. please help

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