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Mountain Hens

Jul 20, 2016
We are a new chicken family and have never had anything other than cats and dogs before. This is all very new to us, but we are finding great information all over the web! This site in particular has been super helpful!

We have an 18 week old Golden Sexlink, an 18 week old Americauna, and two 10/11 week old Silver Laced Hens.

Our Golden started laying eggs this week... at first it was every other day, now she's up to once a day! And every single time she finishes her lay she comes out of the coop hollering as loud as she can. Is that normal?

Mountain Hen Mama
She may be doing the egg song "Bawk bawk bawk BAGAWK!!!! Some hens think they have to tell the world that they just laid an egg. At times other hens will join in with her. Sometimes their pride can cause them to announce it several times a day. Not to be confused with a rooster crowing.
Lol, yeah. The first couple times I heard the egg song I was in the house. Went running as fast as I could assuming something tearing through the coop... Highly disturbing if you don't know what you're hearing.
Hi and welcome to BYC! Haha that can be quite alarming! But yes, it's completely normal. Sounds like you have a nice flock! If you ever have any questions, always feel free to ask. Thanks for joining us!
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Welcome to BYC
That's is what we call the "egg song". Perfectly normal behaviour and you'll find sometimes the rooster (if you have one) and the other hens may join in the commotion.

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