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8 Years
Jan 3, 2012
Hey all,

An animal lover here from Melbourne, Australia. I keep all sorts of animals from reptiles to the worlds largest cockroaches!

Recently I finally fulfilled a lifelong dream of owning a pet ducklings. We got them off a friend of a relative who got them for her children but didn't realise how much work they would be so they gave them to us (I wish more people actually researched an animal before bringing them home!). To add to that we purchased two baby chickens to get them accustomed to each other while they're all young.

Just today actually we started construction of what will be a large coop for around 20 or so layer hens with a couple more ducks as well. We live on 7 acres so we have plenty of space for a big fox-proof coop!

I joined this site to hopefully get an ID on what type of ducks I have. I assume there's a 10 or so post rule before posting pictures? Also, are ID threads ok in the appropriate forums?

I'm willing to post up a few pictures of some of my non conventional aussie native pets that many of you wouldn't have seen if you are keen to see them also.

from Adelaide. You keep cockroaches? Wow, I would never have the guts to.
I've kept ducklings and chicks together too, they tend to fight but it wasn't too bad after everyone got used to each other.
Good luck with your new additions!

You can come join us on one of the Aussie threads in the Where am I forum:
That's the one I go on.
When you've got enough posts, it should be fine for you to get your ducks IDed down in the ducks, or breeds and genders forums, either should be okay.
Hope you enjoy the site!
Thanks! I'll check out the Aussie thread!

As for the cockroach, they're not your average pest cockroach, they're the size of the palm of your hand and live underground and are 100% clean and disease free.

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